Cryptographic Services Provider

Components Features
  • Multiple cryptoprocessors
  • Multiple IPSec coprocessors
  • Optimized for performance
  • Security Manager
  • Session/connection management
  • Multiple applications or sessions access the board   concurrently constrained only by the computer hardware   resoures
  • Virtual crypto token management
  • Security administration and auditing
  • CAPIs
  • FORTEZZA Cryptographic Interface (CI) and PKCS #11   API
  • Extensible to handle extension and special function   calls

  • Functions Characteristics
  • Government and commercial algorithms (SkipJack,   KEA, D-H, DES, 3DES, SHA-1, MD5, DSA, RC4)
  • Algorithm-agile design will support others such as RSA
  • Security Services
  • Data confidentiality, data integrity, key management,   digital signature, and time-stamp services
  • Key Management
  • User keys and certificates generated and stored in   virtual crypto tokens
  • Cryptograhically sensitive materials protected with keys   on the board
  • Operating Environments
  • Windows NT, Solaris, and other UNIX OSs
  • Platforms
  • Sun Microsystems (SBus and PCI Buses)
  • PCs (PCI bus)