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3Si's advanced technology 3SCSS Cryptographic Services Provider (CSP) (Figure 2) is a high-security, high performance cryptographic engine which offloads cryptographic processing from its host. It supplies hardware-based security services to server applications supporting large numbers of users. It consists of:
  • Hardware board(s) loaded with firmware
and the following software running on the host server
  • Device driver
  • Security manager
  • Libraries
  • Graphical administration interface/tools
The following systems are supported at the present time:
  • Windows NT (PCI version)
  • Solaris/x86 (PCI version)
  • Solaris/Sparc (SBus and PCI version)
Figure 2. PCI and SBus CSPs

Integrated Security Solutions

Using its hardware-based cryptographic engines, the 3SCSS delivers high performance processing of secure protocols such as IPSec, ISAKMP, and SSL. It is ideal for:
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Infrastructure components such as a Certificate server or a Directory server
  • Banking and Finance applications
  • Any highly sensitive information system

Consulting Services

Since its inception, 3Si has provided information systems security consulting services to the Government and private industry.

3Si strives to advance the state of information security in the world through Excellence, Innovation, and Integrity.

"For us to be a leader in the Information Security markets of the 21st century, we must understand the context and complexities of our customers' needs, ranging from the individual information user to the enterprise users, to the Internet Community of users to identify, build and provide quality products and services that satisfy these needs and to make contributions to benefit all participants in our information Age."

President, 3S Group Incorporated

Fortezza is the trademark of the U.S. Government. Windows NT is the trademark of Microsoft. Solaris is the trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc.